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    And, I’m not just saying this because it’s one of my favorite brands. (Okay, that might have a little something to do with it.) ravenlogoRaven’s Brew coffee has been a favorite brand of mine for 5+ years now, never letting me down… not once.  I discovered them while googling for Christmas gifts one holiday season.  I’ve placed numerous orders with them and am a true Raven’s Brew brand evangelist.  What makes this brand so special?  I’m so glad you asked.
    • They’re real people with a story and a passion for coffee. These folks eat, sleep, and breathe coffee roasting perfection andpromoting positive relationships with the regions from which their coffee is harvested.  And, they do a beautiful job of educating their customers to emphasize their focus on qualitysustainability, andculture.
    • They’re creative, spirited, and just plain fun. The precisely right combination of artwork and prose can be found on each bag of Raven’s Brew signature coffee.  Not only can you ooh and aah over these masterpieces on the bags, but there are full-sized posters (among other merch) available for purchase.  I personally find it hard to throw away these bags even if I have dupes… that’s how much I REALLY like the artwork.
    • cherrykarmaThey deliver a superb product and have excellent customer service. When ordering, I always get exactly what I pay for – fine, quality-roasted coffee beans with an unparalleled flavor.  Blissful, indeed!   And, if I contact customer service, I literally feel as if I’m conversing with a friend, not a company.  I mean, the sympathy expressed when I panicked because they ran out of Cherry Karma (my favorite, and a very very limited offering) was enough to make me a lifetime customer.
    So there you have it.  Whether small or large, brands should be able to understand the very powerful basics to blissful branding. Again, they are:
    • Demonstrating a real passion for the product being sold
    • Taking a brand-appropriate, creative and personable approach to marketing
    • Delivering a quality product with excellent customer service backing.
    I truly hope to see more businesses focus on these fundamentals as our economy recovers from its current state.  Also, I’ve not been solicited in any way to add this information, however, I’m going to go ahead and throw it out there because it is timely.  The Valentine’s Elixir is now available on the RavensBrew.com website. Yum!  And, thank you, Raven’s Brew, for giving me a full brand experience to “glow” about!


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