• Five Brand Must-Dos – Proving Your Brand

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    Can you prove your brand is not just another bland one in the sea of mass marketing? Today’s consumers are more knowledgable than ever before, and no wonder… they’re used to sifting through tons of false marketing ploys. How does your brand measure up?  Is your brand: believable1. Believable? Consumers are so overwhelmed these days with brands pitching everything from “green initiatives” to “new and improved.”  If your brand is pitching, it better have the proof to back it up. Can you illustrate the ways you’re “going green” to your customer? Can you show how this product is “new and improved” over the product it replaces? Give the customer a believable story to back up your claims. unique22. Unique? Does your brand represent a niche market? Is it strikingly similar to others? If niche is your realm, then good for you – you’re unique! If not, you have work to do. What makes your brand (let’s say Brand A), any more worthy of purchase than Brand B?  Tell customers precisely why they should purchase – cost? quality? performance? Again, you must explain PRECISELY WHY the customer should purchase your brand over another. passionate3. Passionate? Do you love your brand? Of course you do, else it wouldn’t exist, right? Conveying the brand’s own history and stories breathes life into what might otherwise be a bland, faceless product or service.  This is a vital part of illustrating the value of your brand.  Find your brand’s core values and explain them to your customers in a way that they can relate. engaging4. Engaging? Are customers invited to actively participate in making your brand a success?  Seems like a no-brainer, but still some companies are afraid to let their customers’ voices be heard.  If you believe your brand is worth it, let the customers provide feedback, reviews, and ratings.  You can learn more than you’d ever imagine about your customer and just how to reach them effectively by doing so. truetocustomer5. True to its consumer? Lastly, but most importantly… Putting the customer first in all brand-related decisions is always a must.  It’s not just “give the customer what she wants,” but “would the customer perceive this as a value-add to her experience with the brand?”  No clue if something is a value-add? Customer surveys are an excellent way to find out!


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