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    Social media is on the rise as a marketing channel, but is that what consumers want to hear? I can now ‘Become a Fan’ of, follow the tweets of, and subscribe to any number of rss feeds from the companies/brands I enjoy.  Does having a Twitter account with a river of tweets about products make me more likely to purchase from a company? No.  It’s hard enough to keep up with what  friends are tweeting about, much less take in advertisements.  So, what angle should a company take to get attention in this blossoming channel?  How about share something interesting with those who opt to hear from you. When friends opt to see status updates from each other, they expect to see something personable… something to keep them in the know about each other.  Companies should keep this in mind when attempting to harness the various social media outlets.  Instead of a push of impersonal ads, how about something that relates to the company/brand’s story?  Could you share bits of historical interest?  Photos? Provide some interactivity such as a game or contest?  Special offer and sale notifications are acceptable as well, in moderation.  If you’re interesting, in a real sort of way, you’re less likely to land an ‘un-follow.’  Just something to think about.


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