• Fun with Twitter, a Win-Win

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    Liquid Highway shows a playful side on Twitter and gives followers a good reason to come visit their store. Liquid Highway's Twitter Stream As somewhat of a (long overdue) followup to my previous post on social media as a marketing channel, I’d like to highlight a business who has the right idea on how to use Twitter to engage loyal and potential customers. Liquid Highway, a specialty coffee company with locations across South Carolina, has been part of the Twitter community since early 2009.  In that time, they have found a way to translate their Twitter presence into that of a fun-loving friend who is a delight to be around, who you look forward to hearing from… the kind of friend you’d like to introduce to others.   Why? They’ve chosen to add fun tidbits such as games to their tweets, with the prize being discounts in their stores.  And from their tweetstream, you can see that they are as passionate about pleasing their customers as they are about coffee. The games come in all sorts, all of which encourage followers to visit a Liquid Highway store: everything from a “Happy Mooonday!” invitation to make an animal sound to receive a free shot of espresso, “Twitter Tuesday” where a tweet about Liquid Highway gets you a free small coffee, to “Truth OR Dare Thursday!” where brave souls can receive 50% off their drinks for participation.  What’s great about this? These are DAILY games… meaning followers look forward to seeing a new day’s challenge and are more likely stop by multiple times in a week.  Plus, followers have many, many options for sharing deals with friends.  A win-win… win. :)


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      Fun post! And Liquid Highway – what a great company to highlight :) I really love the little coffee facts they share.

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